Dating a gretsch broadkaster guitar

Note: I had very few models from the immediate post-war period to the early 1950's to work with.

Conclusion: Serial Number/Date for the Bacon "S"'s (Senorita, Serenader and Symphonie): Problems: Four-Digit Serial Number - Pre or Post 1953? Four-Digit Serial Number - Date Coded or earlier Sequential?

John, I have this morning had a chance looking closely at the Post-Groton Senorita, Serenader and Symphonie examples.He is also interested in banjos and has done a nice job solving the Gretsch branded banjo serial numbering system.I've been studying Gretsch/Bacon serial numbers for five years now and Ed asked if I had reached any conclusions.For Serenader and Symphonie if banjo is flathead then pre 1953. If Senorita pre-1953 will have traditional Bacon Banjo Co. This is a problem for 1966 numbered banjos before the "USA" stamp in 1967. If pesky four-digit there is no answer except to examine build characteristics. Not stone-carved - more like stone shaped I think it's real close. Bacon curleycues were larger and with a definite flourish.The newer the banjo the more poorly will be the quality. Maybe one day we'll be able to completely finish this monument to Gretsch/Bacon banjos. I´m in the progress cross-checking your sequences with the infos in my extended database. I believe Serenader 36805 was made during the year 1940 after Gretsch acquired the Bacon assets in Feb/Mar 1940.SN 39203 - a Bacon Symphonie SB - I have a confirmed first sales date in 1967 for this.SN 39777 - a Bacon Symphonie SB - owned and later sold by me - another mid 60s build: Sorry!The immediate post-war models had followed Bacon Banjo Co. These newly designed Bacon banjos had serial numbers with a zero prefix (f. Senorita MB 0067 and TB 0116 (archtop); Serenader 0130 (archtop); Symphonie 0123 (archtop).Thereafter the serial numbers appear to be sequential.Regards Polle Polle -Thank you for taking the time to look at your Gretsch/Bacon database.I know that it is a real brain cell killer to study this topic! He has been busy solving the Gretsch guitar serial numbering system especially the 6120 model.

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