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With the brilliant Vietnamese summer as a setting Vertical Ray of the Sun is beautiful from beginning to end.

The plot centres around three sisters, two of whom are happily married (or so ...

As a label guided by the mission of sharing the lesser heard sounds of Brazil with the world, Far Out Recordings are delighted to present the first official vinyl reissue of Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares’ Noite Que Brincou De Lua: a super rare and largely unheard masterwork of MPB, originally released in 1981.A very powerful story about life in the face of turmoil.As a Vietnam veteran, this movie showed some insight into the struggles facing the Vietnamese people for decades.Love comes to two people at the bottom of the social structure in Vietnam in the 1950's.A silk dress comes to symbolize how this love grows.The birth of Cameron’s baby girl comes 16 months after he was released from prison following a nearly seven-year stay for a drug conviction.In 2010, he was sentenced to five years for possession of heroin and selling methamphetamine.This movie has been criticized within some circles, for good reason.There is a layer of propaganda or politics that comes out repeatedly.Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs?Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Babies newsletter. Be an Actor and Live with Grandfather Kirk Douglas Cameron’s daughter’s middle name is a tribute to her great-grandfather, Kirk Douglas, who was born Issur Danielovitch, and later went by Izzy.

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