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Factors such as weather, conflict, and supply and demand wreaked havoc on pricing.

As more speculators entered the markets, exchanges look for ways to facilitate more trading.Because agricultural products are perishable, the quality of the stored items would usually deteriorate over time.While stored, the purchase prices would occasionally change so the first contract for a future price was created.Individuals and investment companies poured millions of dollars into the commodities and futures markets.This influx of new third-party traders now has a significant impact on the prices of commodity-based goods.For over 100 years, agricultural products remained the primary class of futures trading. In the 1940s, exchanges included trading for cotton and lard.Livestock was added to the trading "block" during the 1950s.Otherwise, click here to refresh your log in to CS defined as a tangible product "for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market".With the evolvement of technology, exchanges can now link together, expanding the number of transactions.Exchanges all over the world are connected through systems that automatically enter an order placed on one exchange but executed on another.

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