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Yes, they are together now and seeing their photos online just kills me. "I kept seeing my boyfriend's ex texting him and couldn't help but snoop through his texts one day. I was under the impression he had dumped her and she believed the same for me.

According to recent data from the National Opinion Research Center's General Social Survey, American wives were nearly 40 percent more likely to be cheating on their spouses in 2010 than in 1990.

Ostensibly the musings of a married, 35-year-old New Jersey realtor named Emily, the blog for the first few weeks reported what might be read as the ordinary musings of a suburban professional woman: details of a recent vacation with her husband (Steven, a financial consultant), frustrations she experienced in pilates class, her husband’s slow climb up the corporate ladder, and (after prompting by her sister) a discussion of her declining sex life.

The blog then took a sudden left turn when Emily’s brother convinced her to hire a private investigator (PI) to “spy” on her husband — a suggestion which Emily promptly accepted, implemented, and concluded in short order, finding out in the process (Quelle surprise!

From hacking a locked phone to peeking in a forbidden closet, these women got way more than their wandering eyes bargained for.

But when pictures of the billboard proliferated on blogs, readers quickly dug in.

One fact soon emerged, thanks to camera phone pictures: the billboard was identical to others in Brooklyn, and Chicago.

"My ex boyfriend and I were together for four years.

I wanted to make the next move in our relationship but he always shot the question down when I asked about marriage, so I assumed something was going on.

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