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If anyone else can answer this will a doctor look at your penis while its erect or is that forbidden?This is pretty embarrasing for me I just want them to see how it comes up when Im erect.Thanks so much Hi TJ0214, Notify your physician and explain to her that the area of concern can only be noted when you are erect.I find it doubtful that it will cause her or you or her much embarassment if this will identify the area of concern. I am assuming that because you have a little nurse under your name you are in he field.and much more to my embarrassment i continued the duration of my physical erect. It is normal to get an erection during physical exams even if you are fully covered.This happens to me everytime there is an ECG for example. The nurses normally experience erection from male examinations, so in some hospitals they have male was pretty much going as expected (checked my foreskin, shaft, urethra and testicles) until she retracted my foreskin again and told me she was going to check the sensation of the glans. i called an urologist and he said it is an optional part of the male physical to check for potency, sensitivity of glans, and curvature of penis during erection.i didnt know what that meant until she started to rub the tip off my penis with her thumb. i was so embarrassed because i was aroused in front of her and the nurse. i told him that i went because i was going pee a lot and he said she was probably checking to see if it was a prostate problem by inducing the erection.

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Your anxiety is natural, but I believe everytime you went for physical exam, the doctor must have felt your erection when you were in boxers. I would also agree, that erection function test is optionally done - especially in the presence of female doctors/nurses.At MJS Electrical Services we pride ourselves on quality work, done at a fair price, completed on time. As with any successful small business, we simply can't afford to have unhappy customers.The majority of our work comes from word of mouth referrals and our list of satisfied customers grows every day.I guess what I am saying is it part of the normal routine if you have an issue with your penis that a nurse or doctor will inspect your penis in an erect state. Physician's, nurses and other health care professionals examine problems related to the genitalia when the need arises and it is not uncommon for this to be part of a physical exam.Explain to your physician that the problem you are having is viewable while you are erect.My Doctor is a female would it be inappropiate to ask them if I can show them my penis erect?I thought I could take a picture of it but it does not show up.Please read our 'Terms and Conditions of Use' carefully before using this site. I have this bump that only appears when I am erect.I have checked a few months ago with a Doctor who gave me an exam who could not feel anything and said come back if it bothered me.Once both parties agree on the direction, each project is priced individually and you are provided with a detailed price estimate which includes the entire cost for your project with no hidden charges.Why do we price by the project instead of at an hourly rate?

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