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After the decision to add new HD models, they encountered another situation that put them between a rock and a hard place.

Almost every new MMO that comes out has incredibly customizable characters.Chris Robinson, senior art director of World of Warcraft, shed some light on developing new character models.He promised that this is just the first in the series of previews, so he decided to unveil the new human female model.This is typical Blizzard fashion, so I don't think anyone is all that surprised.However, what I'd really like to see from them is that they continue to work on the character models.It's something that Blizzard had been asked about countless times and something a majority of people would say is an overdue change for a ten year old game.The new character models have encountered quite a few problems in their development, including mountains of both positive and negative feedback by the players.They had little choice - they couldn't continue to use painted on textures, or else the updated models would barely look updated.They had to compromise between time spent and results desired.The problem for Blizzard is that they want players to feel like they're still playing their character, once they login to see the model update.Texture resolution , to support updated animations and facial expressions, retouching nearly every animation for every race.

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