Beth riesgraf dating christian kane

BETH RIESGRAF: Physically, there’s some challenges, depending on what types of stunts are called for in each episode.

For the most part, it’s about keeping the growth of the character going at a steady pace and working with what they give us.

Over the first three seasons, and continuing with these three shows that are airing in December, I think audiences are getting to know different sides of each of the characters, and there’s some nice surprises coming up. Just when you thought you knew who or what a character was, there some unexpected turns, especially in the three episodes coming up, with the principle characters.

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Whenever we’re with Beth in a scene and the camera is on her, any little thing can get her going.

One of the great things about Parker is that, at any moment, she kicks into little girl mode and gets really excited about things.

And, in the holiday episode, you get to see that side of her.

It ends up being a nice twist, where they get pulled into the holiday spirit, in a way they didn’t expect. Beth, since Parker’s socially awkward, how does she handle the holidays?

RIESGRAF: She loves the holidays, depending on which holiday it is.

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