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You best get tidying your man cave." Hall's legal team filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles, stating the singer is "now known perhaps has much for her bizarre, unhinged rants as for her music." They claim Hall has only had "minimal" contact with Prince while he hasn't spoken with O'Connor in "approximately 25 years." "Hall will not stand idly by while O'Connor attempts to get attention for herself by recklessly spreading malicious, vile lies that he engaged in egregious criminal conduct which falsely links Hall to Prince's death," the lawsuit read.

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"It's mostly dudes," he said, wincing and shaking off the willies that just talking about such abominable contact inflicts.

Prince paid tribute to Vanity during a concert in Australia shortly after he death, where he performed songs in her honor while also highlighting the hits he wrote while the two were together, including his classic 'Little Red Corvette.' Moonsie was just a teenager at the time and had been a member of Vanity 6, later joining Apollonia 6 and ending her relationship with Prince in 1983 or 1984, possibly because he began dating Susannah Melvoin.

Melvoin also got some songs written in her honor during her time with Prince, including 'Nothing Compares 2 U,' the haunting ballad which was later performed by Sinead O'Connor and earned Prince a Song of the Year Grammy nomination.

Prince is under no contract to accept any sort of male-on-male contact, and it doesn't make him a homophobe per se, though his supposed recent, seemingly anti-bisexual lyrics to the pot.

Mostly, it's just disappointing to watch a guy whose highly profitable image was based in part on playing with people's perceptions of his sexuality and masculinity ("Am I black or white? " he sang on the title track of his fourth album, ), that he gender-fucked for the sake of exploring connection with a woman ("If I Was Your Girlfriend"), that he wore heels. It'd be cool if he still wore heels.) Now he's a guy who cringes at the prospect of contact with another dude.

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