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With the recent release of her new album Angel Tongue, it is clear that this captivating artist has a lot more intriguing music to offer Africa and the rest of the world.

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4, 1893 Forfarshire rescued (extreme right column) the crew of Carl, waterlogged & derelict in the N.'Where Ships are Born' informs us that 'some very fine ships were launched under the supervision of George and John Mills' and they specifically mention Judith Allan in that regard.Forfarshire made six voyages to NZ in years 1873 to 1890, & more to Australia.Any help you might provide re this shipbuilder would be much appreciated.This site, 50% down the page, advises that 'Osborne Graham opened in 1871.This site uses "cookies" to authenticate your session.Algoa FM presents Port Elizabeth leg of Johnny Clegg’s The Final Journey World Tour “Algoa FM is proud to announce that we have secured two dates on Johnny Clegg’s Final Journey Tour,” says Alfie Jay, operations director of Algoa FM.“Since learning about his retirement plans earlier this year, we’ve been in negotiations to secure an Eastern Cape date on his busy schedule and are delighted that we’ve been able to make it work.Stated to have been at High Ford Dockyard, a site occupied in 1863 by Reay & Naisby (we are asked to note the changed spelling), & later occupied by John Wigham & Sons Ltd.It became a conventional ferry (single ended), 109.2 metres long & 3,042 gross tons.Digital images of ledgers recording those registered to vote, searchable by an index of 220 million names.A transcript of a vast scholarly work briefly chronicling the heritage, education and careers of over 150,000 Cambridge University students.

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  1. Animated short films: Badgered (2005, 6 min.) (UK) / the National Film and Television School; writer and director, Sharon Colman; producer, Jamie Wolpert -- The moon and the son : an imagined conversation by John Cannizzaro-Canemaker (2005, 28 min.) (USA) / animation/design/direction, John Canemaker; producers, Peggy Stern, John Canemaker; script, John Canemaker, Joseph Kennedy, Peggy Stern; produced in association with Shadowbox Films, Inc.