Ajax preventing designer file from updating not updating to ios 5

You may want to have a look here too: When working with Xibo layouts, it's important to understand how media duration affects the playback of your layout.For example, a layout setup like this: Layout A Region 1: Image 1 (10s), Image 2 (10s) Region 2: Text 1 (5s), Text 2 (2s) When that runs, region 1 will show Image 1 then Image 2 because it's the longest running region on the layout.Once we restart our device and there is no internet connection, the layout goes away, is there anyway that xibo can save the html contents of a webpage for offline use? What I’m planning is send a generic text file to my device then use an embbeded html then parse the text. Unfortunately I have never done this besides for fonts, so I am unsure how you would reference the file from a layout.That way the only thing I need to update is the text file then again with AJAX it can refresh the page automatically. Pete, Alex, or Dan will know much more about that than I.ink your solution may help a few other people who have similar needs based on content refresh and bandwidth / internet connection problems.Embedded HTML and Files associated to displays/display groups are stored in the same local library location, so you can reference them using relative paths (i.e. Basically this comes down to the fact you are using the duration in a manner it wasn’t intended for.updating the items being shown without expiring their region.There is provision for this, but its not implemented at present.

Hi Peter, We only need to update the price of our digital menu board instantly.Or are you just wanting to see the changes more quickly?If you just want to see the changes more quickly, you could stop and restart the client.It is quicker to do that with an image than it is to do that with a web browser, hence the blink.Ultimately the solution is for live updating - i.e.The only problem with this one is that the text is blinking.It is like this: https://mdn.mozillademos.org/files/490/HTMLBlink Is there any workaround to stop this?This would cause the client to refresh the data when it loads the first time.Thanks cslaughter, I see restarting the client is the best option. I created a webpage with ajax to refresh contents automatically.I am trying to create a digital menu board that has a capability to edit items. I assume you are talking about designer/preview, do you really need it updated so often?I am successful with that using text/rss/dataset region however I need to set the duration atleast 5 or 10 seconds to update it instantly. The content updates, the only problem is the “text” content is flickering or blinking. Keep in mind that when client comes to play, there will also be collection interval of the client.

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