Adult speed dating kara

So, seeing the window of Lena's office was open, she thought she'd just fly in and surprise Lena. Or she might like it and start coming onto Supergirl, and maybe cheat on Kara with Kara. There was a reason Kara hadn't told Clark she was dating her. Clark had a right to know to be suspicious of her, especially if she was planning something. She crossed her arms, a little defensively, and tried to ignore the tension that filled up the room."Supergirl." Lena tried to put a brave face on it. And you've certainly found a way to decrease my secretary's workload—sneaking in like this…""Do you not want to see me? Kara put the cork back in the bottle before she proceeded. She couldn't bear the thought of Lena, totally in love with her, totally trusting her, revealing some plan to destroy Supergirl…Lena looked away. Just like brother dearest would write…""I think that whatever it is, you believe it's right and for the best. Whatever it is, you know, I'm sure I'll be comfortable with it."Lena shook her head, snatching up a napkin and wiping almost frantically at her hands. "This is the L-Corp 591 Extrahuman Restraint Model. Yeah, bring on the fetishes, it's just part of my best girlfriend ever bonus round."Lena bit her lip, charmed. ""Mmmhmm." "I kinda thought that could be me.""Write me an actual love letter first, not Fifty Shades of Gray fanfic." Kara opened up the folded note.

At least she didn't have to come up with something to say, though. I certainly wouldn't come into your Fortress of Solitude without knocking…" She opened a desk drawer to slip the paper into—"What were you writing? "Not a plot, not anything like that…""So what is it? "Just tell me, I'll understand—""You weren't supposed to find out like this, Supergirl wasn't supposed to barge into our lives and tell you. "Oh, okay," Kara said."I want you to put it on me and activate it so I can't move. "Look, I'm Lex Luthor's sister, you should've expected there would be more in the tank here than reverse cowgirl.""No, no, I get it. I'm fine with fetishes."As if completely wearied by her reveal, Lena slumped down onto the bed.

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Lena noticed her standing there and hurriedly snatched the paper away, down into her lap. I was going to let you know in my own time, in my own way—""Kara demanded, so tense she wondered if her eyes were glowing red. And then you say those things to me while I'm tied up.""Are the things about spanking you? "I keep imagining what people would say if they found out. "Tamaranians like to carry each other around on their backs when they're courting. This is just one particular aspect of the human mating ritual."Lena nodded.

And how can you be shocked at me being suspicious Lena ground her teeth together a moment. "Unless you're intending to participate in it."Kara's relief got into a fierce arm-wrestling match with her embarrassment. "So fleek." She didn't know what that word meant, but humans seemed to like it a lot. "I had no idea Supergirl was so starved for gossip that my… Not right off the bat.""I don't like pussyfooting around.""It's fine," Kara assured.

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