Adult chatting free no creditcard required

I think the rule of thumb, as others pointed out, is thinking about "would you do this action in front of your spouse? "Unfaithful" usually starts by simply not being present, either physically or emotionally.

Petraeus and others of his status/strata are all strong-willed and certainly not weak-minded individuals and they choose this disastrous course all the freaking time.

Indeed, other forms of touch like kissing (13%) and hugging (less than 1%) were picked even less often. We also heard from a few readers about fantasizing, which garnered the most comments but only 8% of the survey votes.

Overall, readers seemed to place a lot of power in the mental aspect of love.

But an especially popular theme that keeps coming up is fidelity and faithfulness, to which some readers say they can relate all too well.

So we posted a survey on Facebook asking readers where that line of unfaithfulness begins.

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