Adult and teen cams

From dogs wearing glasses to carnival mirror-type contortions, there’s always something new to see.And through some slick promotions, the app frequently cycles in new lenses to play with based on popular movies and shows.As with any social network, much of your Snapchat experience will depend on who you follow, but on this one you’re less likely to find carefully composed posts.Instead, Snapchat all about spontaneity and documenting things “in the now.” Or, as the company’s founder Evan Spiegel puts it, “instant expression.” Navigating the App When opening Snapchat, forget the infinite scroll of the social networks you’re used to, because this app immediately springboards the camera to the screen.Mastering the Camera Snapchat’s camera works a little differently than the default Android or i OS camera app, so it’s worth walking through.For instance, if you tap on the shutter button it will take a photo, but if you hold down on it, Snapchat will record video.

Snapchat’s camera filters are the app’s secret weapon.

Hidden from plain view, you have to know how to access them to use them.

Take an image, then swipe left or right while on the camera screen and you’ll see a filter slide over across it.

And finally, at the bottom right you’ll see an arrow.

Tap that when you’re ready to share your snap with your friends.

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