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3 million dollars, how much Vick is guaranteed if he’s on the Eagles roster on Feb. * Call me a Phanatic: Here’s one vote for Penn State coach Bill O’Brien to be the next head coach of the Eagles.

I know it will upset fans in Happy Valley if O’Brien leaves after one year, but I think he would be perfect for Birds’ boss. One of the few Eagles along with Le Sean Mc Coy who could walk off that field with his head held high.

The fact is, any of the films we picked — and dozens we didn’t have time to include — could fill these five slots.

42-7 loss that could not be more ugly yesterday as the Birds quit on their embattled coach against the Giants.

Owner Jeff Lurie will announce this morning he has been dismissed. 1 Super Bowl appearance; unfortunately 0 Super Bowl trophies.

0 days left in the reign of Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

Firmly rooted in the visual language of the off-off-Broadway experimental theater scene, this movie is as original-feeling now as it must have been in ’82.

More than just a XXX take on Cabaret, this movie is disturbing, fascinating, and undeniably hot.

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