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At the same time, an announcement was made - " Boarding for the flight to Bangalore has started. A girl of about 25 came out of the car and rushed straight to Tyson's room on the first floor. " After about 2-3 minutes, Tyson came out in his night dress, scratching his head, still half in sleep. At last he said, "If she comes to me at night, I'll teach her everything - how to become a proper girl." And he burst out laughing. Steven already hated Kai and so he was not able to tolerate the fact that Kai had slapped him. " "You have no right to tease Ayra or pass stupid comments on her." Kai roared back. She was looking like an injured lioness ready to take revenge. Tyson continued, "And we all know about Kai's sufferings. He was really hungry since Kai didn’t let him have the breakfast as they were getting late. I think I’m in love with Indian Cuisine and sweets. “I’ll tell you about it on the way.” Saying so, the three adults rushed to the waiting car. People were playing, chasing and colouring each other with dry powder and coloured water, with some carrying water guns and coloured water-filled balloons for their water fight. But I don’t trust this man.” He went away with a scowl on his face.

Now she was sitting alone and he felt as if it was the right time to take revenge, make her feel bad and insult her. Ray came down with his mind wandering somewhere else. I shouldn't have yelled at him, it just dried my throat. He saw a slate-haired man standing in front of him with his welcoming smile. " He exclaimed in joy with his mind arriving at a brilliant idea. Kai has already suffered a lot in his life and I will not let happen again. "Hilary looked at Tala, who nodded his head in confirmation. When my foot slipped from the stairs and I was going to fall, she came running from somewhere and caught my hand and pulled me up. But she turned away and said ‘take care Mariam’.” “By the time I reached there, she was gone.” Max added. So in order to confirm my suspicion, I checked the passenger list of Flight 147 which was headed to India. The white walls were textured with flowing three-dimensional ripples. He came up to them and extending his hand for a handshake with a big, pleasant smile plastered on his face, greeted - “Welcome to India, Mr. But don’t worry your room has two separate bedrooms and so you both can manage.” Tyson didn’t have any problem but Kai didn’t seem too happy. “Well Mister, you didn’t introduce yourself to me.” “Oh! By the way I didn’t expect the CS of such a big company to come here for picking us.” Kevin smirked. “I love 5-star hotels.....” Tyson gasped while coming out of the car. ” shouted Kai while pulling off the blankets from his navy-haired friend. Just 5 minutes more Hilary....” The Dual-haired man smirked. ” Kai ignored his complain and walked outside the door. He looked around, rubbing his back, and his eyes fell on a banana peel on which he had probably stepped.

They turned in their respective directions, left each other's hand but none of them turned back to say ' Good Bye', perhaps, they wanted to hide their tears of sadness due to separation, or if they would look at each other, then they won't be able to go away. On one side was Ayra she was sitting in the airplane which just took off, her heart was sinking in sorrow, her eyes wet with tears, her hand on her necklace, and her lips had only one thing to say - ' Kai, I Love You. He lived there with his grandpa, dad and his elder brother, the last two were not in the home at present - his dad was on some archaeological expedition and Hiro (his elder brother) had gone to a Bey blading camp to teach new children and Tyson, of course was on a holiday. Michael Joined - "Only those girls get partners who know how to dance. In all that shouts and cheers, all the words mingled but only one word was understandable which was whispered in Kai's ears -"Thank You." They reached home after celebrating and found a folded note stuck on the door. He went straight to Kai's room which was on the second floor. Poor Tala, he seemed disturbed by the past memories. Though not perfectly clear, they could easily make out it was a sign of Sagittarius. Seeing this Susumu smirked and remarked – “You are my son first and then the CEO of a multinational Company.” He regarded him for a while, hoping for an elaboration but then noticed that his father was sitting below and him on the sofa. The man smiled before asking Kai - “Is he with you, Sir? Kai refused but on insisting he took one bite of the sweet besan laddoo while, Tyson was so happy to see something to eat - just like a child who got full marks in Science test. God knows what he wants to tell me that he is not even ready to accept the truth that now I...... So I got up, did my morning exercises and after having a nice bath, I prepared myself to go to the office.

OK fine, let's make a promise that - " " WE WILL DEFINITELY MEET AGAIN IN FUTURE " she said. " AND THAT'S A PROMISE," they both said together, " WE WILL NEVER BREAK, EVEN IF WE DIE." They looked at each other one last time before separating. It was still like before - the traditional Japanese house where Grandpa Granger taught children the art of Kendo (I guess it was that only.......), but the change was that 2 more floors were added to it which had lots of big and spacious rooms. Steven began in a teasing tone, "See Michael, someone is sitting alone - She is Partner-less " This voice of his grabbed her attention but she pretended as if she was enjoying the dance. Kai said in a challenging tone, "She was alone, but not anymore." He looked at that blue-haired girl. They were voted as the best dancers of the evening. They were facing each other - Kai was smiling and Ayra's eyes were full of thankfulness and gratitude. They stepped down and were surrounded by all the beybladers who were shouting, cheering and appreciating them. "You know Ayra," Max said thoughtfully, "You are the first girl whom he has said sorry." "Also," Hilary said clearing her throat," you are the first girl with whom Kai has danced." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRESENT DAY Ray decided to talk with Kai. They had never imagined that Boris could go to such an extent. “This tattoo can be in her hand only.” He turned the laptop for everyone to see. “Even I doubted it at first, but friends, do you all remember what her bit-beast was? The white sofa with a glass table in front of it looked elegant in its own way. Deep in the thoughts of his past, he went and sat on the sofa. Having left with no other choice, Kai had to bring him along. Kevin approached the two gentlemen with a pleasant smile and offered a box of sweet to them. From 2 days, he has been ringing up every now and then. Coming back, I’m not at all feeling to get back to sleep. So, I decided to have a cup of coffee to give a favour to my empty stomach before going to work.

" I think I didn't had a bath today." " Common, friends are more necessary! Both of them took their respective cars and rode off to the airport. Tyson lost his balance and both of them fell on the ground with a loud THUD! Both of them got up and gave each other a tight hug. And of course Ray was with Mariah and Tyson & Hilary finally accepted their dying love for each other and began dancing. In 10 minutes they had finished talking about common topics like - family ties, business matters, some recent incidents, weather etc. he understood why Kai never shared it with anyone and why he was bearing this all alone. He did it all despite knowing that for all this, Ayra will never forgive him. Without whom he couldn't think of spending a single day, he had spent 2 yrs without her. But behind the confines of his body, lay a cute innocent and true feeling of love - love for the girl who changed him, who made him realise that he also has a heart that contains feelings other that revenge & sadness, who taught him to join the melody of relationships, who quarrelled with him so that he knows that there is someone who cares when he goes wrong. - An important question to which Tala had to find answer in order to bring them back together. Tala came down to the first floor drowned in thoughts. The moment he entered the room, a combined voice greeted him - "Welcome!! He says very less, maybe 10 words are a maximum limit for him in one sentence. You all should've seen his face while talking, each and every incident is still afresh in the CEO's mind." Tala turned towards Ray, "And Ray, don't worry. But Mariah doubted, "But Ray said that he gets angry even on hearing her name."Tala smirked. Where you learn that there are no friends you, you are always alone - through the night, through the dark - keep screaming but no one will come. They will kill every emotion from you - except the anger because that will only help you to take revenge. He went up the spiralling staircase adorned with marble columns. “His pink-haired wife.” He pointed on Ray while saying this. Noticing that the atmosphere was becoming more and more serious as Kai was getting drowned in his past memories, he brought him back to the real world by giving a sarcastic remark – “It will also help you in showing off in front of your children that their father was such a strong blader.” Kai cocked an eyebrow at him. At last, he couldn’t resist and asked – “What happened Kai? If you want you can share it with me.” Though he knew that Kai won’t, but still he felt a necessity to say so. Susumu also gave up the hope and resumed eating when Kai said in a heavy tone– “I did something, which was wrong in someone’s eyes but right for me, and I did it the wrong way knowingly, so that the result emerges right.” Susumu pondered over it for a moment. And misunderstandings between 2 people are the worst distance ever.” Kai paused his eating. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kai was sitting in his private airplane which had taken off only 10 minutes earlier. Kevin, having sensed Tyson’s desire, began with a smile, “Fortunately, I was also in the same hospital at the time when sir brought ma’am there after the fictitious attempt of poisoning. He also raised his eyes to look who the person just now entered was, but I turned my face the other way pretending that I didn’t notice him.

" Just like everyday" He grabbed his keys and was about to go, suddenly he stopped. They parked the cars and the moment they entered the waiting room, a guy with blond hairs jumped on Tyson shouting his name. Ming-ming decided to sing for all of them along with the musical track. Tala and Julia King, Brooklyn, Lee, Johnny, Enrique and Oliver - all had come with their girlfriends who were not Beybladers. " They both entered the room and sat on the couches in the balcony. She'll be with me always, but will never meet me again......" Tala got up and put his hand on Kai's shoulder - empathizing him. Despite knowing the fact that she is the daughter of a man du e to whom he had suffered a lot, he still loved her. He was pretending to the whole world that he hated her, she was nothing to him. I promise you that we will leave no stone upturned to solve this problem."Tala smiled. "They are lucky to have friends like you." Saying so, he asserted the seat left for him and began - "It all started 2 years ago in London......_____________________________________________________________________________________Tyson was totally dumbfounded on hearing all this. Heartless or your Ice King, he was Kai - his inner voice was speaking today. You can ask Tala how it was to live in that monastery which was not at all a religious place. He stared at it with deadly eyes – this stupid piece was the reason of his mother’s death. As he stepped ahead his eyes met another servant setting the table. Then, as if smirking on his own fortune and passion for the game, replied – “It reminds me of who I am.” Susumu had expected such a reply from his son. Then there was a knock on the door and a servant entered with the message that food was ready.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Both were sitting and having their food quietly. Susumu sensed that something was going on in his son’s mind after his answer. But taking his silence as a ‘yes’, Susumu gave his opinion – “If you don’t clear your misunderstandings in time, they become the reason for distance forever. ” Saying so, Kai rushed out of the mansion leaving his meal unfinished. Kai just turned his face to the opposite direction.

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