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Our tech is made for physical toys that encourage open-ended, imaginative play. Priceless, grand babies chat with each other and send me messages!!How did you come up with the idea for this product? Parents don’t want to give their children phones when they are young because of safety and security concerns. Hello to my go-to gift for all my mom and dad friends. As per the moms they are "joyously marching around." And I am too. Couldnt get to sync on android but had no trouble on iphone.Kids can message their friends Talkie-to-Talkie, too! Grownups download the free app onto their cell phone, and pair the app with the Talkie.Enter in contacts - parents, grandparents, cousins, etc.If you are like me, you are worried about all kinds of things. In our four days together, I've found just a few things that need attention and I thoroughly believe that eventually they'll be addressed. I went into it expecting a bit of work, did a bit of work, and was done. Whenever we leave the house with Gory, he fails to reconnect when we get home.

You can also unlock physical play so the Talkie will do things like laugh, snore and say ‘weee! Toys check for new messages on a timed schedule, more often when they’re being played with frequently.

It's not only great for parents, but grandparents, friends, cousins, military deployments, and so much more.

The new Toymail Cloud expands your Talkie into so much more than just voice chat.

That being said, I'd love to see the wifi connection status of the toy somewhere in the app.

The other problem is that in their FAQ, Toymail says new batteries should last 2-4 months.

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